Programming Languages

In terms of the programming language, I pimarily work in Java or Python but have experiences in other languages such as C, C++, Swift, Kotlin, etc. I usually choose the language depending on the platforms and frameworks.

Web Development

Years of experience with HTML/CSS/JS for static website designs. I'm also currently working on projects with React/React Native frameworks.

Mobile Development

I have worked on the UI designs and functionalities of many Andriod and iOS native applications. For native development tools, I use Java/Andriod Studio for Andriod and Swift/Xcode for iOS primarily.

Graphic Design

The tools I usually use for graphic design include:
- Adobe Creative Suite (Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator) for general 2D image processing.
- Sketch for UI/UX designs of mobile apps.

Electronic Prototyping

Using development boards is my preferred way of prototyping a project in the design/revise phase. The platforms I have had experience in include Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and DE-10 Lite FPGA board. I've also used schematics design software such as Intel Quartus Prime with hardware description language in VHDL.

Digital Photography

Primary Equipment: Canon Rebel T7i DSLR with Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM, DJI Spark.
My preferred genres of photography include landscape, architecure, and cityscape.
Instagram Portfolio


Universal Drone Controller

A new input method of controlling and monitoring UAVs based on Leap Motion hand gesture recognition, eliminating the need for an external remote controller.


Georgia Institute of Technology

College of Computing

Atlanta, GA

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Fall 2019 - Present

GPA: 4.00
Relevant Coursework:
CS 1331 (Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming)
CS 1332 (Data Structures and Algorithms for Applications)
CS 2050 (Introduction to Discrete Mathematics)
CS 2340 (Objects and Design)
CS 2110 (Computer Organization and Programming)
CS 2200 (System and Networks)
CS 3600 (Intro to Artificial Intelligence)
ECE 2031 (Digital Design Lab)
MATH 2550 (Introduction to Multivariable Calculus)
MATH 3670 (Probability and Statistics with Applications)
MATH 3012 (Applied Combinatorics)

Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies

Artificial Intelligence for Robots

Stanford, CA

Summer 2018

Introdution to Event-driven Programming, finite state machine, searching algorithms, and robot motion planning, and other machine learning topics.
Final Project: “Automous Uber Hamster,” a simulation of robot navigation and object avoidance in discrete space.


Polo Club of Data Science

Georgia Institute of Technology


Research Assistant

September 2020 - Present

- Working on Cardiac AR, a research project in cooperation with Children’s Hospital of Atlanta aiming at building an iOS application based on ARKit to assist surgeons with surgical planning in an augmented reality environment.
- Working on Argo-Lite, an interactive web graph visualization and exploration tool based on ReactJS framework. Currently used by over 1,000 students in CSE 6242 / CX4242 (Data and Visual Analytics) at Georgia Tech.

CityLift Parking


Software Engineering Intern

Oct 2018 - May 2019

- Developed Android application demonstrating the mechanism of the automated car parking system
- Created CAD modeling designs for linear car lift to improve its performance and efficiency

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